shabbat in florentin

Urban art in Florentin

The next two or three posts are images taken on a walk around Florentin and Neve Sha’anan, adjacent neighbourhoods  in south Tel Aviv on Shabbat. These are quite unique neighbourhoods, and Shabbat is a unique time to see them since most shops are closed and everything is quiet (or not).

Even though there are barely any religious people in Florentin and most coffee shops etc here are not kosher, meaning they are open on Shabbat, it is still very quiet because the many small businesses (mostly clothing wholesalers owned by both Jewish and Arab shopkeepers) are closed and so there is hardly any traffic on the tiny streets.

In Israel it’s common for businesses of a particular type to be located in the same area. In this part of Florentin the clothing wholesalers give way to lighting and furniture stores.

There’s so much to like about this sign, which is outside some sort of small warehouse and warns of closed circuit tv cameras in Arabic, Hebrew and Russian (you have to cover all bases). I like the way a tiny TV monitor is reflected in the larger TV monitor, but I especially like the Russian version of the warning, which has an old-style Soviet charm. It translates as: Attention! This sector is controlled by television cameras!