Ben Gurion Ave, Haifa

I recently went to Haifa in the north of Israel for work reasons, but arrived very early so had an hour of tourism. Ben Gurion Avenue (Sderot Ben Gurion) runs from the Haifa Port up the hill to end up in the beautiful Bahai Gardens. Bahai is a monotheistic religion and has its world center in Israel. It was founded in Iran but the religion is banned there and its followers are persecuted. One of its most famous adherents was an Iranian woman, Tahirih Qaratul-Ayn, who was executed in 1852 – she’s known as the founder of Iranian feminism.

Ben Gurion Avenue is also famous as the center of the German Templer colony in Haifa.

Today, it’s a smart and multicultural street. There are many Arab-owned restaurants, Bahai gift shops, museums, and judging ny dress and language secular and religious Jews and Muslims, Christian Arabs and I saw a couple of Druze men too.

Man in a window of one of the German Templer buildings.

Arabic poster talking about a stand up comedy event.

No, I don’t get it either. Israelis like to use English as they think it’s more sophisticated, however on many occasions they get it wrong.

Chabad house. I’ve noticed that Chabad have already put up Hanukah menorahs in several places. Still two weeks to go, guys!