Ben Yehuda

Photos taken today on Ben Yehuda street in central Tel Aviv. It’s a busy street that runs parallel to the beach road, and there are a lot of tour companies, restaurants, small jewelry stores, cafes and, oddly, massage parlours (but not, I think, of the sleazy kind).

These two women were enjoying themselves – chatting and people watching – and were oblivious to my photographing them. I’ve been yelled at a few times when taking pictures of people on the streets, although it’s completely legal to do so in Israel. About half the time, the people I’ve photographed have yelled. The other times, it’s been someone else entirely sticking their nose in.

Looks like the latest in the never-ending Harry Potter saga will be here soon, with Hebrew subtitles. The subheader says “Nowhere is safe!” – yes, nowhere is safe from Harry Potter.

Street cat takes over kiosk. (The focus on my lens has decided to work only sporadically, and I probably shouldn’t even post this – but it’s cute, so I have.)