urban decay, urban renewal

The next few posts are photos taken around the southern part of Florentin, which is decidedly seedier than the northern half. I should know, because I lived there when I first moved to Israel – in the ground floor part of a renovated factory, on a muddy alley with no name, sandwiched between a nightclub, a Russian karaoke bar and two dodgy gambling joints.

These shots are on or around Abulafia Street, which is gradually being transformed from a slum (which it still is) to a trendy place for designers including Kastiel

This is a typical scene – an apartment block in the Bauhaus style, left to decay.

House sign, “Abulafia 7a” hand made in Hebrew and Arabic. Abulafia is both an Arabic and a Jewish name. It’s a prominent name in Tel Aviv-Jaffa because of the famous Abulafia Arab bakery on Yefet street that draws huge crowds every day.