Around Ajami

A couple of pics from around Ajami, Jaffa.

Poster on a coffee shop advertising a New Year’s Eve party in Arabic. New Year’s Eve isn’t really celebrated in Israel, since Jews have Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year). However, since people like (a) to party and (b) anything Western, bars and clubs do hold “Silvester” parties. (I’d never heard of “Silvester” before I moved here.) This poster, however, is advertising a party hosted by Christian Arabs of whom there are a sizable minority in Jaffa. For those who can’t read Arabic the guy on the right is DJ Ilias Julianus and the chap on the left is called Shariff. Interestingly, the party is sponsored by  the Blu energy drink which in Israel is imported by a Christian Arab businessman in Nazareth.

A typical sight in Ajami – a brand new posh apartment building stuck up near an old house.