Around Rehov Maon, Florentine

These are iPhone snaps taken of the craziness that is the area between Abarbanel Street and Elifelet Street in south Tel Aviv. It’s an area of workshops – some of which are used for nightclubs – that has not been developed at all, not yet anyway (this area is slated for total redevelopment, especially given its prime location.)

Does anyone know about Right-to-Left support for WordPress? And is it possible to mix RTL and LTR languages on the same page? I wanted to write the posts in Hebrew as well as English, but find that RTL languages do not work here, the words get mixed up, punctuation appears mysteriously only at the end of sentences and editing is a nightmare. I tried forcing it using HTML but to no avail. I dislike writing only in English, but I don’t want to change this to a Hebrew-only site as then it will limit who can read it…