ancient olive tree

These next few posts are photos that I have posted previously, on the old version of this blog. They are of the ancient olive tree in the Beit Jimal monastery near Beit Shemesh (not far from Jerusalem). I’m posting them as I noticed that I get a lot of visitors here from people searching for photos of olive trees in Israel! Google throws up a link to this site, even though the page it refers to is no longer here since I switched blogging platforms recently.

Anyway, if you are in Israel and haven’t yet visited Beit Jimal, I would recommend it. It’s a beautiful place and you can buy honey made by the monastery from a little shop there. It’s also interesting to amateur historians like myself because it’s here that the country’s first ever meteorological station was established in 1919 by Salesian monks.

This tree is supposed to be around 2,000 years old.