Copycat Bauhaus on Nameless Alley

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about this part of south Tel Aviv – and this is about as south as you can get, right on the blurry pseudo-border with Jaffa that sort of begins at the Kibbutz Galuyot (“Ingathering of the Exiles”) road – are the Bauhaus buildings. Tel Aviv, of course, is famous for its collection of Bauhaus architecture. Brought here by German architects fleeing the Nazi regime in Germany in the 1930s, Bauhaus gave Tel Aviv its nickname ‘the White City‘ and its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the White City part of Tel Aviv certainly doesn’t extend this far south and this building isn’t as old as the 1930s. This is copycat Bauhaus on Nameless Alley. Who knows what it was built for originally, but now it’s a factory and factory shop for children’s clothes.