back street, jaffa

My neighborhood has turned into a hipster photography theme park. Every weekend, the streets are invaded by roving packs of people with huge Nikons and Canons, massive lenses, flashes and all manner of photographic bells and whistles, crowding around locals and snapping frantically at walls and hummus restaurants.

It’s like a plague of photographic locusts. They come in a swarm, they descend, they wreak their havoc, then they go home to Ramat Aviv.

The other weekend, I noticed a large pack of photographers surrounding a bench, furiously snapping away. Foolishly, I thought something had happened, so I rushed into the pack and elbowed my way to the front. There, sitting on the bench were the usual bunch of pensioners, playing backgammon like they do every single day. The photographers were excitedly capturing images of these “quaint south Tel Aviv locals”. Some local businesses are having a field day with this phenomenon, though – one kiosk is making a killing selling “traditional gazoz” (fruit flavoured soda in neon colours) and “traditional burekas” to tourists.

Whatever happened to the photographic trend of carrying a crappy Russian camera? Is that over now?