interior with photographs

We had to do a series of interior photos for my photography course last year, and it was the hardest part of the course for me. Who wants to look at pictures of my sofa or piles of mismatched socks? On the other hand, I am incredibly nosy (I’m sure that’s why I love learning so many languages, so I can listen in to people’s conversations) and like looking inside other people’s houses.

Anyway, the photos in the photo are of the VDNKh (pronounced Vee Dee En Khah) or Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy, an outdoor centre in Moscow with Stalinist buildings dedicated to the amazing achievements of Communism in the former USSR (my favourites were the Rabbit Breeding Palace and the Coke machine that someone installed next to a statue of Lenin). Apparently, after 1992 it was renamed but I never heard anyone call it anything other than VDNKh.