old central bus station

I haven’t had time to post for a while. Up next are photos of the Old Central Bus Station area in south Tel Aviv. It’s not a place that you’d be wise to wander around taking photos with an obvious camera, at least not alone, definitely not as a woman. Even in broad daylight it’s crowded with prostitutes soliciting on the streets and dodgy looking types popping in and out of the many sex shops and ‘peep shows’, there are groups of junkies… I hesitated before posting these because I loathe poverty tourism and gratutious poverty photography where the photographer congratulates him/herself for being ‘gritty’ and ‘real’. There’s no glamour in poverty. It’s just another word for fear. I’m posting them because this is a very depressing area, if you thought Tel Aviv was a rich city, maybe you can take another look.

Anyway, I took most of these from the inside of the abandoned old central bus station building. It’s been derelict for decades, and usually one cannot get inside.