When we concentrate on a material object, whatever its situation, the very act of attention may lead to our involuntarily sinking into the history of that object. Novices must learn to skim over matter if they want matter to stay at the exact level of the moment. Transparent things, through which the past shines!

Vladimir Nabokov, Transparent Things



Я слово позабыл, что я хотел сказать.
Слепая ласточка в чертог теней вернется,
На крыльях срезанных, с прозрачными играть.
B беспамятстве ночная песнь поется


Осип Мандельштам, ласточка


I forgot the word that I wanted to say.

The blind swallow returns to the castle ofshadows,

On shorn wings, to play with transparent things.

In memorylessness the night song is sung


Osip Mandelstam, the swallow

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