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high noon



a monument to the conquerors of space

The Monument to the Conquerors of Space (Монумент «Покорителям космоса») from the Alley of the Cosmonauts near VDNKh, north Moscow. See that random vignette and the weird reddish tint? That’s no Photoshop or… Continue reading

a window to herzl street

    (If you click on the picture you can see a bigger version) Herzl Street in south Tel Aviv was one of the city’s first streets. There are still plenty of signs… Continue reading

interior with photographs

We had to do a series of interior photos for my photography course last year, and it was the hardest part of the course for me. Who wants to look at pictures of… Continue reading

empty lot

This huge piece of land has been empty for over five years, an eternity in an area where new buildings are springing up all the time. So there must be either a dispute… Continue reading


suburbia, as seen from the road

back street, jaffa

My neighborhood has turned into a hipster photography theme park. Every weekend, the streets are invaded by roving packs of people with huge Nikons and Canons, massive lenses, flashes and all manner of… Continue reading


Child refugee in south Tel Aviv. At least he has a coat and a roof over his head. Many don’t. They come to Israel from Sudan and Eritrea via Egypt. The most dangerous… Continue reading

father and son

Taking advantage of the march in Jaffa to take photos of the locals. Interestingly both men and women marched but mostly they did so separately, though there were women up front among the… Continue reading

jaffa women

Jaffa women at the protest march a week ago. The situation in Jaffa is very complicated and the impetus for this march came from many things, but was sparked when local community leaders… Continue reading

Jaffa woman

Another picture from Saturday’s event in Jaffa.