Jaffa faces

  I wanted to post these next few images as they are people shots, something I rarely post, and I thought you might like to see some actual human beings in my shots.… Continue reading

Sen srebrny Salomei

More mannequins, this time headless, on Salomeh street, south Tel Aviv.


Clothes belonging to refugee children from Sudan and Eritrea hanging out to dry in south Tel Aviv. About 500 homeless refugees sleep rough every night in south Tel Aviv, mostly in Levinsky park,… Continue reading



On Rehov Kedem

Rehov Kedem in the Ajami neighbourhood of Jaffa. It’s a mixed neighbourhood of Christian and Muslim Arabs and Jews. I took this on a warm afternoon before the Christmas holiday when many homes… Continue reading

self timer

Messing around with the self timer on the camera.

Jaffa Dalet, night

Taken from the car in Jaffa yesterday – I’d just dropped my camera on a hard floor while trying to juggle taking photos and taking notes at an event. So I wanted to… Continue reading

light/ dark

Light patterns in my kitchen a while ago! For any of you interested in history and photography it’s worth checking out this fantastic collection of photos, taken by an unknown British police officer… Continue reading

sand snails

Snails in the sand dunes of Holon. Originally, this whole area was sand dunes but now there is only a small area left. There are a lot of plant and animal species that… Continue reading

sunlight, stairs

Apartment building, south Tel Aviv. Taken in the summer. From there, after six days and seven nights, you arrive at Zobeide, the white city, well exposed to the moon, with streets wound about… Continue reading

tree shadow, jaffa

house on the embankment

This is not a photo of Israel. It’s a photo taken in Moscow that I came across recently. I thought I’d post it as a one-off and tell the story of the photograph… Continue reading

Copycat Bauhaus on Nameless Alley

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about this part of south Tel Aviv – and this is about as south as you can get, right on the blurry pseudo-border with Jaffa that… Continue reading

the final demise of the motorock bar

A few years ago, when we lived in the converted factory on Nameless Alley between Herzl and Abulafia streets, it seemed that the nightclub would go on forever. Every Thursday and Friday night,… Continue reading

twilight zone, south tel aviv

When I first moved to Israel, I lived in a converted factory in south Tel Aviv, on an alley that didn’t even have a name. In the alley was another factory (photograph below),… Continue reading