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Creative sleeping

Winter in Tel Aviv


florentin sandler

24 Washington

rose house

Ego sum

Washington Boulevard, Tel Aviv. I love the light in this street, especially in the late summer afternoons. I realized that I had not posted here for a long time – in fact, I… Continue reading

late august


Andromeda rocks, Jaffa

Ron Arad


I’ve not had time lately to take photographs, and before that the photos I did take were all very “factual”. I’d like to spend time on some more abstract photography…

Star Market, Rahat

Shouk al-majid (“star market”), a fruit and vegetables market in Rahat, Israel’s only Beduin city and the largest Beduin settlement in the world. Rahat has 33 separate neighborhoods, of which 32 are inhabited… Continue reading

Camels, ‘Um Batin

Camels going about their ungulate business in the newly recognized Bedouin village of Abu Kaff ‘Um Batin, east of Beersheba, in the Negev desert.